Graze ReviewsI love Graze so much that I had to start my own website dedicated to spreading the word. Hence why Graze Reviews was born!

Do you love delicious artisanal snacks that are also nutritious and good for you? Me too. Which is why I love Graze is a healthy snack subscription service where you can choose to receive 4, 8 or 20 snacks delivered directly to your home or work each week, two weeks or month.
I’ve been a subscriber to their 8 snack box service for many months now and I will not be giving up my subscription any time soon. I receive a snack box every two weeks in my mailbox containing 8 delicious snacks ready for me to devour.

Here’s what I absolutely love about’s snacks:

  1. They’re nearly all amazingly delicious. You don’t get to choose exactly which snacks you’ll get, but you can choose which ones you don’t get. But I love this. When I first subscribed, I didn’t “trash” any snacks, and that was when I found out that I love cheese cashews and other nuts in general. So whenever I recommend Graze in my reviews, I encourage new subscribers to keep an open mind and try everything once, you won’t regret it.
  2. Perfect snack size. These aren’t meals you are getting, they really are just small snacks. I usually start getting hungry for lunch right around 11:00 AM, so a Graze snack really is the best pick-me-up to give me enough energy to finish another hour or so of work and then head to lunch without feeling starved to death.
  3. I find I eat smaller and healthier lunches now. This is probably not much of a benefit for most, but I personally find myself eating out less for lunch. I look forward to my Graze snacks so much that I tend to pack a lunch with my Graze snack instead of eating out. So Graze has actually helped me eat healthier and saved me money on eating out!
  4. You can set your preferred delivery schedule. I have my 8 snack box delivery scheduled for every two weeks. It is perfect because I don’t eat a snack every day, but definitely every other day or so. Or you can do 4 or 8 snacks weekly or monthly. They even now have “sharing boxes” that come with 20 servings!
  5. The more you rate your snacks, the better quality deliveries you get. I’ve been a subscriber now for a few months and everytime I eat a Graze snack, I hop on the website and review that snack. You can choose between “Trash” as in, this wasn’t good and don’t ever send it to me again; all the way to “Love” please send it to me more frequently. In full honesty here, there definitely have been snacks that I did not like. For example the Vietnamese Pho soup snack wasn’t the most tasty snack ever. But I’ve heard others say that soup was actually quite tasty to them. So really what you like and what you won’t like, all depends on your own taste buds.
  6. Graze offers over 100 different snacks. This to me is the most impressive part of Graze. They offer 100 completely different snacks for you to enjoy, rate, and enjoy again. So you know you’re never going to get bored of the same kinds of snacks over and over again.

Graze Coupons and Offers

To me, the $11.99 for 8 snacks price point seemed a little high at first for what you got. But really I find that the price point is actually pretty decent once you actually taste all of the snacks. So that is why Graze is offering a free first box to new customers! Just use this coupon code GALENS3LP and you’ll get a free Graze box. Click here to try it out for yourself. Then come back to Graze Reviews and let us know what you think!


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